Friday, November 14, 2008

Waiting for the other foot to drop

We all know about Podcasts -- and how people can download audio/visual 'broadcasts' of someone else's onto their personal music/video device or computer. What I want to see now is this technology be integrated with the wireless world. What I mean is, when can each person who decides to create podcasts going to get their own wireless channel, like on Sirius or XM satellite?

Another thought, I do think that Podcasts are an interesting way to communicate information, but I see it being more of an internal communication tool for the PR rep than external. Meeting debreifings, conference debreifings, things that people need to catch up on about their organization, this would be a great way to transform the hum-drum newsletter from days of old into the Web 2.0 world.


keshia said...

I agree that podcasts are useful in internal communications. They are definitely a great way to keep employees informed and happier, thus leading to better employee relations. If an employee has to miss a meeting due to illness or traveling, a podcast of the meetings events would go much farther and be much more information than a typed agenda with minutes. That was a great point you brought up Margaret!

Jeff Norris said...

I agree that podcasts can be an interesting way to get information out to your organization. How much do you think that would cost an organization to produce? Maybe not that much, but time is money for every company. Great blog!

krseRN said...

I love the idea of podcasts for internal communication. If I get one more stupid email updating me on announcements at work I'm gonna freak! I love it. I would much rather listen to something in my own time than be forced to sit there and read email after email with another boring memo. Great idea!