Monday, November 3, 2008

Press Releases

The handout given in class about how to write a press release online was very helpful to understand how formatting and general layouts will be better received in online media. I couldn’t help but notice that the version already had a ‘1.5’ attached to it. What this tells me is that this formatting template is merely the first of many. This formatting will be in constant flux as we as Communication and Public Relations scholars continue to conduct marketing research and shift into new paradigms. It seems that standards and norms such as this press release template will constantly change depending on what the demands of online constituents are. This could change in a few years, or tomorrow.

We now have to think of who will be viewing our press releases. It’s not just the media we are trying to connect with anymore. Any informed person can look online and view a press release (whether they know it’s a press release or not will be another story). I’m expecting that by the time I retire I will be viewing a press release format version ‘56.3’, which will deal with holograms and formatting your press release to be viewed in the windshield of your flying car and other futuristic options for you to consider when practicing PR.

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