Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is everyone Twitterpated?

There are two difficult tasks to overcome when deciding to start using Twitter. First, is the grammar involved with past, past participle, present, subjunctive and future ways of even talking about Twitter. Did I just 'twit' a message on Twitter? Did I make a 'tweet'? Am I going to "tweet" or "twitter it"? Am I 'Tweeting", "Twitting" or "Twittering", presently? The world twitter also reminds me of the Disney movie, Bambi, because in the springtime, all the young bucks and does and girl and boy sqirrels and rabbits and skunks and birds all become "Twitterpated" as the wise old owl would say. It scared Bambi and his friends, I remember that much.

Participating on Twitter also seems like a difficult task if your primary audience or network is not on Twitter. Brad's whole office seemed to be on twitter, but will supervisors and leaders of company's want you to use twitter to interact with your co-workers all the time? It will have to be regulated and monitored from a human resources standpoint, just in case it's abused. I know it was abused the other night in class. People were making fun of me on Twitter and I wasn't even in on the joke since I wasn't updating my tweets fast enough. ^_^
Right now, my friends are not on twitter, probably because we all have Facebook and Myspace pages with that sort of information on it. Also, what are we going to tweet about that has anything to do with each other right now? When I move into a PR job or something similar, it will be necessary since small tweets can really help your audience remember, or gear up for events and programs.
Maybe I'll fall into the twitterpated trap, so to speak, as the owl warned us all as kids. At least I know everyone enjoyed themselves after they discovered what it meant to be twitterpated. Perhaps after I get a 'real' job and join in on twitter more often, I'll enjoy it alot more, too.