Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ethical Challenges to IMC

The problem I see with Integrated Marketing Communications is the idea that you are putting marketing communication with public relations. I don't typically view marketing as being very ethical. Maybe this is a stigma that I've received from uncredible sources, but it's been an issue for a long time now, way before we've been talking about Web 2.0 or even seriously considering the internet as a big marketing tool. It's probably all the Bill Hicks comedy specials I've watched (you really need to click on this link - but be warned- lots of swearing).

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Ericka said...

I love how you put a link to a YouTube video, great use of showing how all the social media works together. I actually took an e-marketing class this semester and I really enjoyed it. I feel like I learned a lot about effective marketing strategy and while sure, I can see some bad things with marketing (like the way they will monitor activity and know exactly which pop up ads or advertisement online to target you with), I just think it's clever! haha. I kind of think it's helpful and don't mind that they target me. This semester we wrote a marketing plan for A Sporting Chance, which is a non-profit in town that is doing a really good thing (reaching out through recreational sports) for the disabled, elderly and disadvantaged youth. But they are not very well known in town, so a good marketing plan will help them (with donations and finding volunteers), and therefore, help the community.

Maybe marketing is like everything else- you can use it for good, or use it for evil...