Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My future?

This is a big concept to try to discuss: Where do I see myself after college? At this point, I can't even see myself surviving Quantitative Methods. My ideal is that as soon as I am finished with the necessary coursework here at Missouri State, that I am able to move up to Saint Louis and try to get a job. What kind of job? Ideally, a departmenrt of communication in an organization. Somewhere that I can feel like I am taking care of my fellow employees. If I could excersice my mediation/negotiation skills in a business setting, and excercise my leadership and organization experience as well, that would be ideal. I like doing research, and I thought it would be neat to work at WashU with their research component. I'd like to keep the option of teaching at a Community College or a St. Louis university open just in case the economy is not in my favor for a business potition somewhere. I'm very glad i am getting my Master's degree, because it opens alot of doors. With my four years of professional experience, leadership experience, organizational experience, mediation experience and conflict management experience, I hope that this makes me viable and a great candidate for a great job.
My living plans are not as material as they used to be. I'll be happy finding a room to rent for the next few years by a fellow professional who needs to extra resources. I'd like to get my Jeep back -- I miss my Wrangler so much (ok, so that's a little bit materialistic) -- but more importantly I want to finally feel like I am in the right place in my life, where I can enjoy more of my immediate joys. I want to enjoy my family and friends more. Right now I keep making excuses for why I can't come home on the weekends and why I can't travel more to see friends. I need the resources that will let me accomlish that.

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