Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hancock: The Best Portrayal of PR Ever!

I saw the movie 'Hancock' this weekend with some other Grad students. We all thought that the screenwriters must have been in some COM classes at some point in their lives because there was references to 'conflict management skills' and alot of PR references. We were interested in the Jason Bateman charecter because he was a PR specialist and he was one of the most positive PR portrayals I have ever seen in the media. His primary motive in the movie was to help save the world and he tried to approach this by talking to major corporations and trying to persuade them to donate some of their biggest selling products to people in need. For instance, at the beginning of the movie, he pitched his 'All-Heart' brand to a Pharmecutical Company and asked them to donate their latest medication to treat Tuberculosis (which was a very expensive, exclusive drug) in people who could not afford it and were in desperate need of the treatment. Needless to say, the corporate executives laughed in his face. And the dynamic he brings to the story of Hancock is a positive role, too. Has anyone else seen this movie??

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