Sunday, September 21, 2008

Global Warming is just "God hugging us closer"

Sarah Palin may very well be the next President of the United States. My neighbor told me last night that if that happened, he may very well leave the country. Palin seemed like a very interesting choice made by presidential candidate John McCain. I think that the SNL skit aired last week is a great way of summing up the feelings that I and many others are having about Mrs. Palin entering the horse-race we call Presidential Elections.


I was never much of a Hillary Clinton supporter. I did wonder what it would have been like to have Bill back in the White House as the ‘First Gentleman’ or whatever he would have been called. The thought entertained me enough to never really turn negative towards Clinton, but still I didn’t see a big reason to support her (or any mainstream candidate for that matter). The SNL skit does make me sympathize for Hillary, though. I don’t know if this is a gender-issue or not, but think about it: A strong, motivated woman, who fought and worked her way almost to break through the glass ceiling of the highest office in the land, only to fall short and now Mrs. Palin, a new comer to the political spectrum, is even closer to the Oval office than Hillary ever was. It’s like a Greek tragedy. Homer could not have done any better (ok, maybe he could). Palin reminds me of these girls I went to high school with. They were of a certain faith, one that normally gets represented outwardly by style of clothes, hair and attitude. These girls were more vindictive and snobbish than the cutest, most in-style, classic preppy-cheerleader ever was. They wore their faith proudly by the judgments they made on others. Their opinions kept any sense of diversity away from their rose-colored world. It always baffled me that girls who talk, sang, and preached so much about the love of their faith could bash so many who were different than them. It really made me mistrust them. Palin reminds me of those girls.

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